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You should buy These potions in the market or the Healthcare facility if you want, and dont be scared to utilize the Journey Company... it could Price tag 5k to teleport into a town, but We have now 500k in the financial institution right this moment...

Do note that If the main character dies in Atlantica, your crew is defeated, so Placing your self within the rear rank is a good idea. It is possible to continue to do that having a melee character, but who wants to Enjoy a swordsman while in the third rank?

Oracle – Prioritise these men again at the same time. They’ll often have rec constructed into them though, so don’t anticipate them to become pushovers. Occassionally you’ll obtain UM rec-significant oracles with self-heal, and these You could have to return at with far more pals.

· Fighters are shut range attackers. They depend on attacks that do substantial amounts of problems speedily primarily based on their own energy stat.

Intelligence: Provides to magic assault power. You're a fighter, you don’t use magic. There's no edge to increasing this stat in any way in your case.

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Don’t skimp on dex, constantly go ahead and take advised total. It could be tempting to scale back your dex a little and boost your str (and injury), but when you only strike 70% of the time, you’re only landing all over 3/four with the attacks of something hitting ninety five% of enough time, which can considerably outweigh dealing a little more problems per effective strike.

Here is the shopping district of Shaiya. After you have entered this region, urgent “B” and selecting “Personal Marketplace” will help you to come up with a shop. Dragging items into your store and placing a price tag for them will let other players acquire things from you. Proper-clicking on other players with retailers and selecting “market” will allow you to check out their products, then dragging them to your stock will enable you to buy them.

Legend: Drops within the manager on the top standard of Maitreyan, Ankylul. This boss is required for the level forty three epic quest, so farming him is against the rules of Shaiya and could bring about a ban.

This is comparable to some "Permit's Enjoy" thread but not really on exactly the same vein, so I believed It could be ok to open up it up here by now...

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I'll reach downloading the sport sooner or later. I'll start out downloading this 7 days, but I am able to't say for sure nevertheless how much time it's going to acquire following that for me to acquire actively playing.

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